Saturday, November 19, 2011

Hello Again

Sorry there is no picture to show you this time but I have had a few personal things to attend to lately.  Firstly, my brother suffered a mild stroke and I flew to Brisbane to be with him.  He is okay now but while I was there I took his car and drove to Toowoomba to meet a lovely talented and hospitable lady named Ruth Clarke.  Yes the one and only Ruthy.  I sat in her craft room and the whole room engulfed me.  She has her lessons in there and the walls are beautifully layed out with Stampin, Up products all created beautifully into lovely projects. 

Thank you Ruthy for a lovely day.

On returning to Sydney I received a call advising me that my cousin Beverly had passed away in Port Macquarie so I flew up there and attended the funeral yesterday.  While I was there I met so many family members and new cousins.  I was told 'now that we have found you we are not letting you go'.  What a wonderful 'new' family I have found.  Thank you all in Port Macquarie.

So now back home and I am madly trying to make Christmas cards and heaps of other things.  So wish me luck and I will be here again soon with some projects to show you.

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